Services for Artists

All Red Dirt Circuit Arizona [RDCA] Artists may access any or all of the below career support services, based upon Artist’s agreement with RDCA…

  • Career planning and management
  • Coordinate artist’s initial recording of artist’s songs / recommend recording studio & supervise recording
  • Booking Agency representation – Exclusive or non-exclusive
  • Marketing and Public Relations to support building Artist’s career –developing publicity campaigns
  • Advice and assistance concerning selection of lawyers business managers, and accountants
  • Review of artist’s legal right to creations and name of group [advice only, not legal representation]
  • Introduction to publishing companies and business advice re management of music publishing and other valuable rights
  • Assist artist selection of musical material to be recorded
  • Recommend producers for recording material
  • Suggest recording companies for artist and assist in negotiating recording contracts – working closely with record companies to maximize marketing of artist’s albums
  • Negotiate commercial endorsements
  • Oversee Accountant audits of record company statements
  • Explore commercial endorsements
  • Work with talent agencies to place artists in film, TV, other media
  • Social Media oversight

Red Dirt Circuit Arizona

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